Josh has dabbled in many artistic endeavors even back in his hometown in Puerto Rico. He was part of the 12 o’clock show and Telemundo’s Tres Destinos starting Osvaldo Rios. He also was a vocalist for the gospel group, Army Of Christ. Coming to Chicago, he got hooked on what we know as Pinoy Pride being officially baptized as a “Philirican” by one of dearest friend and bandmate Joon Bautista.He along with Joon founded Beat’N Path, a gospel band that toured various cities around the east coast , Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin and New York with well over 100 shows til 2002.He took a break from Music until he had the opportunity to play with one of the Philippineslegends, Mr Mike Hanopol in 2007 and have since played with various bands until he joined SamaSama Project a few months ago. Josh exclaims, “Wow, what an amazing experience thishas been so far playing along side such talented musicians, entertainers, and wonderful people full of knowledge and professionalism. Never did I expect this opportunity to come along and allI can say is … Salamat!”