O+ Festival Chicago is happy to announce the SamaSama Project, the premiere Filipino folk fusion band is once again part of the amazing line up of musicians inlcuding The Purple Flames, The Avantist, Ifficial Reggae Movement, Bad Bad Meow, Da$htone and No Men, and many more.

This will be a treat for all as SamaSama Project fans and with their fellow musicians and other artists to support the O Positive Festival. It will definitely be a long weekend of music, art and wellness. This will be a great time to help save lives while grooving to the different genres.

SamaSama Project plays a mix of Filipino traditional folk and contemporary music. The band led by Baron Lloyd Cabalona, arranger, drummer and a multitalented musician and actor and commercial model, Lou EllaRose on lead vocals. Together with other talented members Ran Sevilla on rhythm guitars, Cesar “Bobot” Ong on keys, John Kniker on lead guitars and Gerry Lomotan on bass, the will be showcasing their newest Pinoy folk fusion hits.

SamaSama Project performed at O+ Festival Chicago on last September 2015, at the Pilsen neighborhood, Chicago IL. Here are some pictures from their last gig.

They’re back again this year and ready to rock the house! SamaSama Project will play on July 9, Saturday at 7:00PM at the Pilsen Vintage Parking Lot. Admission is FREE!

O+ Festival is a three-day, community-run celebration of music and the arts- where participating artists exchange their contributions for health care services from art-loving doctors, dentists, and other wellness providers at the O+ Clinic. is more than a festival- but a movement where artists, performers and even other volunteers came together for a good cause and for each other.

To know more about the o+ Festival Schedule click here: http://opositivefestival.org/chicago/

So have a blast this weekend! O+ Festival will be from July 8 – July 10, gates open at 8:00AM

Admission is FREE, you may register online to get your tickets: https://www.eventsprout.com/register/o_festival_chicago


About O Positive Festival:

O+ is a non-profit festival that was founded in 2010 in Kingston, NY, if we were to choose three words to describe this festival, it would be MUSIC, ARTS, & WELLNESS.
In short, it’s a grassroots, band-aid solution to inaccessible healthcare for the creative community. By programming the festival’s art and music events in various, venues (bars, restaurants, storefronts, even offices) throughout one neighborhood, O+ supports and unites local businesses and residents, artists, musicians and doctors, strengthening the fabric of a community to make it stronger, more sustainable, and more vibrant”.
To learn more and to get more details check out their website http://opositivefestival.org/chicago/

“The O+ Festival (pronounced o-positive) is a weekend-long celebration that connects right-brained creatives with left-brained health care practitioners. This lively environment, featuring concerts, performances, art-making and wellness offerings, fosters conversations and collaborations between seemingly diverse factions of humanity, such that something previously unknown is created for the individual participants and the entire community”.
Suggested Donation: $10