Hailing from The Arctic Circle (Chicago’s North Side), R.E.N. is one of Hip-Hop’s most transcendent artists. By injecting his experiences, insight, and ambitions into his music, R.E.N. blends his incomparable charisma, precise technique, and signature sensibility to elicit his own definitive sound. Making his recording debut in 2003 on “Soundtrack For Days” with the revered Chicago production crew, the Record Playas, R.E.N. has continued to consistently publish quality material including his 2008 release “The Surrealist Mixtape.” R.E.N., along with bandmate Hek Hernandez, form the hip-hop superteam, IL Empire, and R.E.N. has made stellar guest appearances on Hek’s three projects: “Perfect Timing” “The Masterpiece” and “Thinking Out Loud.” With his EP, “The Resurrection,” and debut album, “The Surrealist,” currently in development and set for release in 2012, expect to regularly hear more of R.E.N.’s distinctive wit, social perceptiveness, and peerless versatility.